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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

posted Oct 29, 2018, 7:11 AM by Gary Levante ‎[Staff]‎   [ updated Oct 29, 2018, 7:12 AM ]

Our Annual Tradition Continues

Many people living in Canada celebrate Halloween on October 31st. It is widely believed that this ancient festival began as a way to celebrate the end of the harvest and the start of the long winter. Today, Halloween is recognized by carving pumpkins, bobbing for apples, dressing in costume and trick or treating.

At Robert Baldwin, one of the ways we recognize Halloween is with a pumpkin carving / decorating contest! All families are invited to participate in our annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. To enter the contest, you are asked to carve and decorate a pumpkin to fill our ‘pumpkin patch’ (see categories and rules on the next page). The carving / decorating is to be done at home, and your creation brought into the school on the morning of October 31st between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. Bring your pumpkin to the main mall area and place it on one of the tables according to the category you wish to enter. Students may not be out of class for set-up or pick-up.

Classes will be able to come down after our parade and vote until the beginning of 2nd break. All classes will visit the ‘pumpkin patch’ to select their favourite pumpkin for each category. Visitors may also participate in the voting.

Pumpkins must be removed by 5:30 PM on Wednesday, October 31st.

Pumpkins not removed by 5:30 PM will be disposed of by the school.

Don’t forget that we will be having our Halloween Parade beginning at approximately 9:00 AM on Wednesday as well. It will be indoor due to the weather. Parents can gather in the main mall area after the entry bell.

As this is an activity that spans many age groups, we ask that students who choose to dress up not wear violent, bloody, or inappropriate costumes. No props that resemble blood, swords, knives or other weapons are permitted. Also, we ask that there be no depictions of Indigenous People of Canada (e.g., First Nations, Inuit, or Metis) through the wearing of costumes or bringing of props that are not authentic and are offensive characterizations of people’s identities as well as their tradition and ceremonial regalia.

Students should bring a change of clothes with them. At 1st Nutrition Break, we will be asking our children to pack away their costumes and change into appropriate school clothes. We would not want Halloween costumes to become ripped or damaged later in the day.

Since many of our students suffer from life-threatening allergies, we ask that students DO NOT bring candy or treats to school to share with classmates or peers.

However, if your family does not celebrate Halloween, your decision is respected. Your child need not come to school dressed in a costume. Other students may choose to simply wear Orange and Black that day instead of a costume.  Also, teachers will set-up alternative activities in their classrooms for those children not wishing to participate.


  1. Complete one pumpkin Name Tag for each submission

  2. No candles or electric lighting in pumpkins

  3. Pumpkins must be removed by 5:30 PM on Wednesday, October 31st.

  4. Students may not be out of class for set-up or pick-up.

  5. There will be a voluntary entry fee of $2 which will be donated to our ‘Toonie for Terry’ campaign for our Terry Fox Run.


  1. Funniest

  2. Scariest
  3. Coolest

  4. Prettiest

  5. Sportiest

  6. Best Carving

  7. Best Superhero

  8. Most School Spirit

  9. Most like an animal

  10. Most like a cartoon, book character or Disney character



Name: ________________Pumpkin3

Class: ________________

Category: _________________